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Patit’s Pot of Gold


Wee Forest Folk, handcrafted ceramic miniature mouse. Patti’s Pot o’ Gold ~Patti holds her lucky 4 leaf clover while watching with surprise as a ladybug carries off her spilled gold coins.

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Wee Forest Folk, handcrafted ceramic miniature mouse. Patit’s Pot of Gold is sculptured by Annette Petersen.

A Wee Forest Folk mouse begins as an original clay piece and is hand sculpted by one of three sculptors in the Petersen family. The finished sculpture is molded and hand cast at the “mouse factory” in Carlisle, MA. Carefully selected artists flawlessly paint each one by hand bringing to life a sweet little mouse personality. The initial of the  sculptors adorns each of the piece.

It all began more 46 years ago by Annette Petersen in her old fashioned kitchen on the family farm in New England USA. Annette celebrated her 100th birthday in 2019 and still produces a few pieces a year,

Growing up surrounded by their mother’s creative influences son, Willy and daughter, Donna began to develop their own artistic talents. After graduating from college in the late 1970’s, both joined their mother’s enterprise and the next generation had begun! All three family members have their own style as sculptors and are very supportive of each other’s creative endeavors.



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